The Plastic Proposal of the Painter Ana Wien

The new plastic proposal of Ana Wien presents, with a subtle language, the poetics of a context inherent in the universes entailed in the concept of the marvelous reality, with the full paradises of color and lyricism inherent in the worlds of fantasy and exoticism. Present in our imagination since childhood, in which color and the enveloping flow of the line take possession of the spectator, provoking a necessity of escape from daily routine to allow themselves to enter the translucent and sensitive universe created by the painter.In this sense, the aesthetic speech of Ana Wien interacts with fluency around the configuration of mythical worlds expressed in a neofigurative language, constituted by virtual spaces interacting with the light as well as with the richness of color.

In the pictorial proposal of this painter it is impossible to ignore the plastic universe she creates. There, we are like spectators, surprised at each step by an unexpected and pleasant –for the senses- alteration of reality evocating, in turn, a privileged revelation of a world of light, delicate and fresh poetics about the feminine. This shows the skills of the artist to grasp the singularity of all the unnoticed riches, inherent in a reality broaden to an unusual and imaginative scale, revealing itself the development of a rich plastic poetics founded on a prolific and living repertoire of shapes and colors.

ML.Ana Mercedes González Kreysa
Art Historian and Curator