Painting In Another Dimension

With Admiration and Affection For Ana

“ Since the human being
was able to plow the Earth,
he wanted to reflect his world
on caves and walls,
he painted in Altamira
and in faraway regions
leaving there his trace
which time will not erase
that time and distance
will preserve.

Your brush and spatula
with magical dimensions
leave beings
with hoisting myths,
with lights and shadows
of a calm concert
of faraway stars,
your painting is divergent,
it has a diamond light
of a different cosmos
of a world of hope.
Through your art,
you leave footprints
that do not fade
and the world of tomorrow
will always remember you
because your brush and your spatula
have an angel
they are light and joy,
they are everlasting marks,
they are tomorrow’s glory”

José Rivera M.